Video: The 'Home Run,' Wright Into CNN's Memory Hole

One great thing about election years in the post-9/11 era: the MSM really isn’t afraid to let it all hang out. As Kathryn-Jean Lopez noted last week:

CNN’s “news” coverage on Sunday night went out of its way to be as unfair and unbalanced as possible. They aired Wright live. During the fiery speech, Wright plugged CNN “anchor and special correspondent” Soledad O’Brien and “long-term friend” CNN analyst Roland Martin. Both O’Brien and Martin appeared on-air after the event, discussing how funny and effective Wright was. As they explained to viewers how to understand Wright’s infamous “God damn America” comment, evening anchor Rick Sanchez insisted viewers keep watching replay after replay and apology after apology for Wright. “I would imagine the people watching [on TV] would say, ‘Wow, I didn’t realize the guy had two masters degree and a Ph.D. I didn’t realize he spoke five languages.'” And that changes “God damn America” for you, doesn’t it? That appears to be CNN’s hope. O’Brien continued raving about the speech, “It was very funny. It was hilarious at times.” And in the morning, O’Brien was back, calling Sunday night a “homerun” for Wright.


Which you can watch here. As I wrote shortly afterwards, the media will have to go into backwards-reverse-somersault Olympic-level fip-flops to go from gushing over Wright to tossing him under the bus.

And here you go! The CNN anchor who interviewed O’Brien for her “home run” moment last Monday, is today telling Obama that his network is a “Wright Free Zone“.

In the tank? Just a tad.

Late Update: You can see both O’Brien’s “home run” moment and CNN anchor John Roberts’ subsequent “Wright-free zone” line starting at about 6:50 into this edition of our Silicon Graffiti video blog.

Really Late Update: Video added to top of this post.


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