Double-Live Gonzo!

Why yes, that is me on XM Satellite Radio, interviewing Michael Barone and Jonah Goldberg, on Pajamas’ new hour-long show, PJM Political, in-between producing the show. It’s been an absolutely insane month assembling all of the elements of the show but needless to say, I hope you’ll tune-in each week, on XM’s channel #130, the POTUS ’08 network. This week, we feature:


  • Bill Bradley (our weekly host)

  • Michael Barone

  • Austin Bay

  • David Corn

  • Jonah Goldberg

  • Jack Goldsmith

  • Jeff Goldstein

  • Stephen Green

  • James Lileks

  • Richard Miniter

  • John Podhoretz

  • Glenn Reynolds

  • Helen Smith

  • And Roger L. Simon, our executive producer and Maximum XM Pajamahadeen.
  • More details here!

    Update: The XM show and yours truly is mentioned briefly at about 5:50 into the above interview with Roger and Ed Morrissey of Captain’s Quarters and Blog Talk Radio, which will be one of the sources of content for the XM show.


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