It's The End Of The World As We Know It

…And I feel fine. And thank you for asking!

But as Ann Althouse notes, Naomi Wolf doesn’t. Though as another A.A. once wrote about Naomi:

Sometimes in the course of a great American debate there comes a moment when the big battle guns fall silent, the pundits run out of breath, and — unexpectedly — the long, bitter argument suddenly turns into farce.


Andrea Harris directs us to a video of the original farce that started it all, which has been close-captioned for the hearing impaired and viewable here.

To wind things down, Ace asks the natural exit question:

Can anyone explain to me how a liberal university acting to protect the dignity of a liberal Senator is somehow all the blame of the fascist Bush Administration?

And as you leave the U of F’s auditorium, please pick up a souvenir T-shirt in the lobby.


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