You're Face, To Face, With The Man Who Saved The World

Meet Stanislav Petrov, the man who saved the world.

(Via Power Line.)

Update: Ever the contrarian, Orrin Judd writes, “Hard to believe there are still folks around who think Soviet equipment would have worked well enough to do much damage to anyone but themselves”.


When I wrote my original post, I tried to invent a Dr. Strangelove angle, but really didn’t want to stretch the analogy. But I hadn’t noticed this:

The man who saved America — and probably the world — is living out his days on a measly pension in a dank apartment in a forlorn suburb of Moscow. He has a bad stomach, varicose veins and a mangy spotted dog named Jack the Ripper.

Hmmm…Are they sure the dog’s middle name is “the” and not “D.”?



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