FLASHBACK: In April of 2003,

FLASHBACK: In April of 2003, we wrote:

KEEPING THE BACK BENCH WARM: Back in the 1970s, “me too Republicans” in Congress ensured that their party would stay on the back bench for many years, by offering little in the way of new ideas. Rather, they’d look at the welfare and social spending by the Democrats and talk about how expensive it was, and that the fat should be cut out of it…[Nancy] Pelosi is the House Minority Leader–and looks to continue to keep her party in the minority.


She must be thinking they’ll be there for a while–because she’s just introduced a House minority “Bill of Rights“!

Via Hugh Hewitt, who writes, “That’s pretty revealing, isn’t it? She’s ready for a long stay on the loser’s side of the aisle. I was in Washington for a long stretch of the Democrat’s majority in the lower body. I think they should get every courtesy they extended to the GOP.”

Oh–and this does help to explain the Pelosi-Beaker connection that Chris Muir noticed today.

UPDATE: Speaking of keeping the backbench warm, this doesn’t sound like the actions of a party that’s trying to recapture America’s goodwill, does it?

GOOORRRREEEE UPDATE: Neither does this. Power Line also has some thoughts, and notes that just as the press has forgotten their own words in the 1990s, so has Al Gore.



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