“STAY QUIET AND YOU’LL BE OK”: Robert Spencer suggests a new slogan for the anti-war militant left and the press. (Sadly increasingly indistinguishable these days.)


As William McGowan noted in Coloring The News, by drinking the PC Kool-Aid in the late 1980s, the press pretty much assured that this would be their tone. In their fear to not offend anybody–save for, as “Pinch” Sulzberger was quoted as saying, “white, heterosexual males”–they’ve also completely lost their moral compass.

What’s interesting though, as a commenter on Charles Johnson’s site noted, is that since this tactic has alienated much of the American public (based on the latest Pew Report), their primary readers are increasingly, exclusively the left. And they either had to have seen this coming, or be clueless as to the unintended consequences of the direction that they set out in. So as not to alienate their remaining readers, it becomes increasingly more important to keep them in the liberal cocoon. And the cocoon narrows that much more–on both the readers and the press. But hey, stay quiet, and you’ll be OK!

For somebody the left considers a dummy, this guy is sure on to something.

(Found via Little Green Footballs.)


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