THE FRINGE: Are the people

THE FRINGE: Are the people who lead the anti-war movement “the fringe”? Glenn Reynolds writes:

Whenever I mention people who want the United States to lose, I’m told “yeah, but they’re the fringe”. But they’re NOT. Misha and the [the people associated with] don’t have syndicated columns. They’re not winning awards from allegedly-mainstream outfits. They’re not published with those views in allegedly-respectable newspapers. [Cartoonist Ted] Rall is.

Ditto with ANSWER — they’re the indispensable core of the antiwar movement. You can try to dismiss them as a fringe, but no alternative group has been able to replace them because, in fact, they aren’t the fringe of the antiwar movement. Their hostility to America, their desire for America to lose, is just a more distilled version of something we see all over.


Reynolds adds, “Fringe? Of society, maybe. Of the antiwar movement? Doesn’t sound like it.”

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