“GANGS OF NEW YORK”: There’s trouble on the set of Martin Scorsese’s new film, “Gangs of New York”, according to Matt Drudge, who has a sneak preview of a July Esquire article. Here’s a sample:


The picture had been shooting for three months and the end was not in sight. With the price tag shooting past $90 million, the budget was busted. It was Weinstein’s urgent wish that Scorsese should get on with it. So he gave Scorsese, the devout Catholic, a lovely gold Star of David, and exhorted, “Think like a Jew!”

“I’m trying,” Scorsese replied. But whatever Weinstein had in mind–if he meant that Scorsese should speed it up, cut the script, save a buck — none of that was on the director’s agenda. Now, with the picture still not quite finished, Scorsese admits that he was so enraptured that he indulged his greed. “It’s my kind of provoking the danger,” he explains. “They would say, ‘You have to finish,’ and I’d think, ‘Well, can I go a little bit further?'”

By the way, if you think the tip jar on this site is bad, wait until you read about Scorsese’s “jar of ears”…


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