Are Nice Guys Really that Bad?

John Hawkins of Right Wing News has a new website and one of the posts by Sierra Marlee entitled “The 7 Worst Things about Nice Guys” was a real eye opener:


Everyone hates “nice guys,” especially genuinely nice guys. There’s nothing more annoying than a boy who thinks that he is owed something by a woman simply because he’s not treating her like garbage. Can you say beta?

For the sake of clarity, there is a list of 7 things that people hate about “nice guys.”

Wow, everyone hates nice guys? That’s a bit of a stretch — but according to the list, nice guys are clingy, entitled, needy, whiny, don’t listen, and think that girls only care about niceness. Oh, and they take everything personally.

Is there anything men can do right or that is pleasing to women? Don’t be too nice or you’re a beta. Don’t be mean or you’re a jerk or a misogynist. No wonder more and more men are walking away from relationships.


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