Dr. Helen

Are You Going to Watch the Eclipse?

With the eclipse fast approaching on August 21st, many people are excited and preparing to see it but some have to travel to other states. Captain Capitalism has a post on the insane prices some hotels in the path of the eclipse are charging:

Like many of you, I am going to drive towards the latitudinal center of the country in order to see the upcoming solar eclipse next Monday. I’ve never seen a solar eclipse, and so before I depart this mortal world, I think it would make a nice little check box on my bucket list.

There’s just one problem.

It seems everybody else in the US is doing the same.

Numbers are impossible to estimate, but if hotel prices are any indication it seems the entire country is going solar eclipse crazy.

St. Joseph, Missouri, originally where I aimed to view the eclipse has NO VACANCY in the entire 76,000 person town.

Some of the hotels Captain Capitalism linked to want 1500.00 per night to stay there. Luckily, I am in Tennessee where I may be able to see the eclipse in its totality. My husband, Glenn, bought some Solar Eclipse Glasses so we could watch it but I’m not sure I want to. I worry that I will look at the eclipse at the wrong time and hurt my eyes. I know it’s dumb but my eyes are bad enough already.

What about readers, do you plan on watching the eclipse?

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