Dr. Helen

Mark Perry's Dear Colleague Letter

Professor Mark Perry at the University of Michigan has his own “Dear Colleague” Letter for his faculty (via Newsalert):

Dear Faculty Colleagues at the University of Michigan-Flint:

I wanted to make you aware of several major changes that have just been implemented, effective immediately, that move our campus in a very positive direction in the areas of goals we all share: gender equality, civil rights, social justice, equal opportunity, fairness, diversity, and legal compliance with the Michigan Constitution, state and federal civil rights laws, and UM’s policy of nondiscrimination….

Unfortunately, our campus has not been in legal compliance with the Michigan Constitution and has not been in compliance with our own commitment to nondiscrimination. Instead, we have been engaging in the proscribed and illegal practices of discrimination and granting preferential treatment as has recently been determined by the Office of the Vice President and General Counsel at the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor in several areas. In other words, we’ve fallen short of achieving our shared goals of true inclusiveness, equity, fairness, and justice.

Thanks Professor Perry for standing up for equality.