Dr. Phil Refuses to Diagnose Trump, Good for Him

I am not always a big fan of Dr. Phil but he showed himself to be one of the few with ethics in a discussion with The View folks. To be fair, most people are more ethical than Joy Behar and her enablers, but back to my point which is that Dr. Phil did not take the bait when begged by Behar to diagnose Trump with Narcissistic Personality Disorder:


Host Joy Behar asked guest Dr. Phil McGraw if President Donald Trump was a narcissist, is that a mental illness, and does that make him unfit to be president, which drew applause from the audience.

“Well — well, counselor that’s a compound question and I object,” said McGraw. The renowned psychologist then gave a straight answer concerning what would constitute narcissism, but did not take the bait. He merely put out the symptoms and people can interpret that any way they want.

Of course, as Dr. Phil read through the checklist, Behar checked all the symptoms off in the affirmative for Trump to which Dr. Phil gave a brilliant retort:

Marsh added that co-host Whoopi Goldberg said that list sounded like “a lot of people.”

“Well, if you — that’s a lot of people. And if you take out everybody that has any of those characteristics then you’re going to take out a lot of people including some at this table,” replied Dr. Phil.

Good answer.


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