Dr. Helen

Can Stress Slow Down Aging?

“Yes,” according to two researchers who study stress on the human body:

Stress, we’re told, is toxic. We’re warned it damages our health, thwarts our happiness and ages us before our time. We should, say some lifestyle gurus, do our best to avoid any kind of stress at all.

The truth? Some stress can actually be good for your health, making you more youthful, not less.

It may seem utterly contrary to the prevailing wisdom, but there is science behind this. We are a Nobel Prize-winning molecular biologist and a health psychologist who have devoted decades of our professional lives to understanding how you can slow down ageing.

After years of research, we’ve pinpointed how you can glow with health and youth when your contemporaries are succumbing to wrinkles, exhaustion and illness. Even better, it’s never too late to start….

But with a little help, you can turn stress into an invigorating emotion, rather than one that grinds you down.

How? Well, we’ve discovered it’s not necessarily just the amount of stress you’re exposed to that’s bad for you — it’s how you respond. So it’s not work pressure that might cause health problems or stressful family arguments.

Rather it’s your state of mind when in stressful situations that is damaging: allowing yourself to feel under siege or endlessly ruminating on your problems.

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You can also view their book The Telomere Effect: A Revolutionary Approach to Living Younger, Healthier, Longer. at Amazon.