Dr. Helen

The Boy Boycott

I was appalled (but not surprised) to read this article at FoxNews.com from a mother of four sons who describes a PC bullying assembly that her sons were exposed to at school:

Last week three of my four boys were herded into school-sponsored assemblies and asked to stand, raise their hands and pledge to never, ever hurt a woman. While their female classmates remained seated, my boys faced intense pressure to say:

I promise

To never ever

Hit, hurt, or otherwise harm

A woman, girl, or child.

I understand

That I am bigger and stronger

Than many women, girls, and children.

Therefore it is my DUTY


Protect, Respect, Honor, and Love them

No matter what.

Aghast, my 17-year-old son walked out. Less than two hours later, he went to choir practice, where he and his classmates practiced a parody of “Cell Block Tango” from the musical “Chicago” that features the “six merry murderesses of Cook County Jail” singing about killing their lovers.

Good for her 17-year-old son, but where were the other sons and every man and boy in that school? They should have walked out with him. Or stood and protested. Boys’ lives matter. The schools need to learn that lesson. If it takes all boys being taken out of PC public and private schools, so be it.