Dr. Helen

Is Fat Shaming a Thing?

I was listening to our local radio show here in Knoxville and the host was discussing a fat shaming video put out by comedian and youTube star Nicole Arbour:

In the controversial video, Arbour says, “Fat shaming is not a thing. Fat people made that up. That’s the race card, with no race.” She goes on to justify her point in the spirited, six-minute video:


Apparently, many people are upset over the fat shaming video. Nicole Arbour makes fun of fat people and goes on talk about the 35% of Americans who are obese and wants us to shame people into losing weight. She discusses how fat people simply eat extra food due to lack of self-control and then get to go to the head of the line while people like her have to wait in the back. She gives an example of having to move seats so a heavy man can sit down (at least a guy can get a seat once in a while). She says her advice for the obese to lose weight is done out of caring as she wants to keep people around. Hmmm, sounds like what the Obama administration says when it wants to control school lunches. I don’t like fat shaming. I think it is a “thing.” That doesn’t mean the obese should have privileges but I don’t think people should be cruel and taunt others.

What do you think?

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