Dr. Helen

What's with the Nihilistic Libertarians?

I have been listening to local radio in the car lately while driving and I have noticed that there seem to be more libertarian types on these days (at least locally). However, these “libertarians” seem to have a nihilistic view of the world that is troubling. I like guys like Neal Boortz who have focus and ideas that make sense and are driven by freedom and love of liberty. This new crop seems to be a pack of lefty nihilists who shift with the wind and whose ideas are driven by the popularity of the moment and by anyone under the age of 35.

Case in point. There was some guy filling in for our local afternoon radio host here in Knoxville who was taking calls about gay marriage, the confederate flag, and other issues of the past few weeks. He gave his two cents worth that the only thing that mattered these days was the opinion of younger people between 18-32. Whatever they thought was how politics would be driven. He basically told the older listeners who called in that no one cared what they thought if they were 60. “You wouldn’t want the country run for 60 year olds when you were 35,” he stupidly uttered. “Since when has politics in this country been run for the people of any age,” I wondered.

He made the point that Millennials don’t care about the confederate flag, want gay marriage and as long as they didn’t care about an issue or wanted policies changed was all that mattered. I am paraphrasing here but he also said something along the lines of the only thing that matters in politics is money and each party was just trying to get some. Really? Many times politics is driven by power, particularly on the Democratic side. And if only money mattered, wouldn’t this idiot shut up since I bet the majority of his listeners are over 35 and buy way more advertising products than the non-existent audience he has under 35.

This ageist went on to say that the only thing that mattered to young people now was where they could support their families and where they could get a good job. If that is the case, then he shouldn’t be pushing for such nihilistic positions. He should be telling younger people who are into social issues that economic ones matter too. And people over 35 are the ones shouldering the burden of supporting families, not those under 35, many of whom have no family.

Anyway, these nihilistic left-leaning libertarian types are annoying. Has anyone else noticed this trend?