Dr. Helen

Book Review on "Playing with Matches"

Books for Kids Blog has a review up of Suri Rosen’s excellent book Playing With Matches. I loved this book even though I generally don’t read fiction as it is fun, playful and entertaining enough to hold one’s attention throughout the whole thing. From the review:

Suri Rosen’s Playing With Matches (ECW Press, 2014) develops a novel premise for a high school heroine, involved not with her own romances, but the unwed twenty- and thirty-somethings of Toronto. In a nice twist, Rain even pulls off a soul-mate match between a seventy-something widower professor and her nemesis, Mrs. Levine, the dragon-lady principal of Maimonides High School, and it is only at their wedding that Matchmaven at last makes the match she is seeking for Leah.

Loosely but deliciously plotted and unflaggingly entertaining, the narration of Rain’s double-life adventures is frantic, funny, and finally heart-warming, even promising, perhaps, a sequel, a catch readers won’t want to miss.

If you have a teen daughter or just enjoy reading about matchmaking and how hard it can be to find the right person, give the book a try.