Why Would Any Man Vote Democrat?

I read an interesting article by Gordon E. Finley, Ph.D., & Dianna Thompson entitled “Why Would any Man Vote Democrat?”

The most presciently under-appreciated and intentionally ignored book in gender politics was published by David Paul Kuhn in 2007 and titled “The Neglected Voter: White Men and the Democratic Dilemma.” The message is in the title. White men have fled the Democratic Party in droves, for good reason – and why shouldn’t they continue to flee in 2014,— while keeping an eye on 2016?

For those not afraid of being “bullied” by the Democratic left, there are a half dozen long-ignored but critically important problems facing the nation’s males that should bring all voting-age men to the polls in 2014 – perhaps men’s last chance for hope and change before the ice age possibly returns in 2016. Consider six interlocking sets of issues.

First, ask what have the last two Democratic administrations done for boys, men and fathers? Because of “The Woman’s Vote” and his powerful feminist base, Democratic President Obama has given us a Cabinet-level White House Council on Women and Girls. Despite extensive and repeated calls for a gender equivalent White House Council on Men and Boys, Democratic President Obama has refused even to consider the multitude of problems facing males in today’s economy and society.


The authors go on to name other reasons that men should not vote Democrat including family law reform, health, education, and the affirmative consent movement. They make some good points.

For the average man in the U.S., do you think it makes sense to vote for Democrats?

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