Dr. Helen

Feminist Hysteria: Infantilizing or Empowering? You decide.

Ashe Schow has an an interesting article at the Washington Examiner: “Feminist hysteria is causing the infantilization of women:”

When did female empowerment become female infantilization?

Women once were encouraged to be strong and independent, to brush aside insensitive words and actions and to emerge stronger. But now, politicians, pundits, even celebrities are feeding an outrage machine by telling women they should be offended by anything and everything….

This shift toward telling women they need help at every stage of their lives (remember the Obama campaign’s “Life of Julia”?) might raise funds for feminist causes or gain votes for politicians, but it’s not empowering. It’s infantilizing.

People often tell me that feminist dogma often backfires and makes women look ineffective. But looking ineffective is not a problem for many women. They see it as an asset and it is a form of power. Denying personal responsibility for themselves may be infantilizing to the majority of women in this country in a moral sense (yes, people should take responsibility for themselves) but in the current political climate, it is empowering. Society helps women when they plead for help and seem/look helpless. Even white knights are rushing to help women in need for whatever reason, whether just or not. Society rarely helps those who help themselves these days.

Women and their political sycophants keep men in their place by yoking them with one rule and law after the next and women wield this power to hurt men in marriage, divorce and relationships. The political class gains power by serving up this revenge and being rewarded with votes from both the hysterical feminists and other women who believe they are getting the short shaft and the media perpetuates the game. The only way to break this vicious circle is to make it costly to women who want assets and power over men and the political class who throw men under the bus in order to get votes. The white knights are another problem, one that makes it all the more difficult as women, white knights and the politicians together are a strong support group for feminist hysteria.

Many men have gone on strike in response but the withdrawal of male affection may not be a high enough cost for women as the government has now stepped in as surrogate husband.

What do you think would have to take place for women and the political class to change the way that they treat men in this country and in turn to create laws and a political climate welcoming to both men and women?

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