It's about time....

USA Today: “Initiative increases focus on the health of boys:”

Adolescent boys and young-adult males do not see doctors or access the health care system nearly as much as teen girls and young women — and that gap has significant health consequences for guys throughout their lives, says a Washington, D.C.-based advocacy group.

To help health care providers better serve young men and teens, The Partnership for Male Youth today is launching a free, Web-based clinical toolkit.

“No one has done this before focused on this population group,” says Dennis Barbour, executive director of the partnership and co-founder of its parent group, The Boys Initiative.

Research shows that boys are at higher risk than their female contemporaries for suicide, ADHD diagnosis, substance abuse, homicide, accidental injury and certain sexually transmitted diseases, among other conditions, says Barbour.


Yet all our society does is spend its healthcare dollars and time trying to help women and girls. It’s about time that the needs of men and boys are also considered.



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