Dr. Helen

Should "gamma" males really be beaten?

Over at Alpha Game blog, Vox Day has a post on Emma Roberts beating up her boyfriend:

What are the chances that Emma Roberts will be as roundly condemned for physically attacking her boyfriend as Chris Brown was for physically attacking his girlfriend?

Emma Roberts was arrested for domestic violence in Canada for allegedly hitting her actor boyfriend Evan Peters. The 22-year-old niece of actress Julia Roberts was taken into custody on July 7 in Montreal after getting into a fight with her beau that left 26-year-old Peters bloody, according to TMZ. Police were called after someone reported a fight in the couple’s hotel room and found Peters with a bloody nose.

As I have frequently observed, there is no such thing as equality in any material sense, least of all sexual equality. And any man who somehow manages to get physically beaten up by a woman renders himself a gamma; no alpha would ever accept such treatment regardless of the subsequent legal consequences. The very fact that a man is physically attacked in the first place is indicative of the woman’s belief in his low socio-sexual status.

Women don’t dare to attack alphas, not even with the full force of an anti-male legal regime behind them. They understand that an alpha would much rather spend the rest of his life in prison than live it knowing he submitted to a physical assault by a woman. It is silly to say that a man who won’t defend himself against women isn’t a man, but it is a strong evidence that he is a man of average or lower socio-sexual status.

Vox asks a good question, will Emma Roberts be condemned like Chris Brown? Probably not, but even he seems to believe that a man who does not defend himself is low status. Bull. Women hit men all the time and that doesn’t mean they are low status. I get that Vox thinks the woman thinks the guy is low status but that tells more about what she thinks she can get away with, not the man’s actual value as a person. We need to focus on abusive women and how to deal with them, not try to determine if a man is low status for being hit. I frankly don’t care for ranking men or women in this way–gamma, beta, alpha. Good grief. But maybe I just say that as a beta female myself.