WSJ reviews Men on Strike

I just saw this review of my book at the WSJ:

Ms. Smith argues that men are simply reacting to a woman-centric culture that systemically belittles them as bumbling incompetents, denigrates their achievements and outright discriminates against them in such venues as family court. Mothers usually get custody of the children after a divorce, even if they have cheated on their husbands. Husbands sometimes end up forced to support children who aren’t genetically theirs. For women, it’s “my body, my choice,” whereas men can be stuck writing child-support checks for 18 years even if the mother was a one-night stand who lied about using birth control. Ms. Smith blames not only feminists but passive “Uncle Tims,” as she calls them, who go along with all this because, well, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, especially if she is your wife or your boss or she decides to start a Sandra Fluke-inspired boycott of you or your company.


The reviewer, Charlotte Allen, thinks I need more hard-core data to back up my points. Fair enough, but she doesn’t deny the existence of the problems men face.


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