Dr. Helen

"In its own way as read by a man, the book is every bit as chilling as anything Stephen King penned."

An interesting book review of Men on Strike:

So, we’ve come full circle with Men on Strike. Sommers fired the first shot (arguably), and now Dr. Helen Smith is here to assess the damage, so many years later. Up-front, I admit this was the book I’ve, er, most-been-looking-forward-to in 2013, and she doesn’t disappoint. Dr. Helen, as readers of her blog know her, is the wife of Glen “Instapundit” Reynolds, himself a law prof at the University of Tennessee. Dr. Helen is a psychologist with an interest in men’s issues, and her blog is centered on said issues. Like Sommers, she is the odd female academic who is actually interested not only in what men think, but how we behave. More importantly, Dr. Helen’s interest, unlike many, many other women who’ve written about the plight of men, isn’t how the failures of men affect women, but instead how these failures are affecting … men. (This is a novel approach if you’ve read many of the books by womyn about men – most really are interested in a backdoor style of subterranean misandry disguised as concern trolling).