Study Finds Men Can "Endure" More Pain than Women

The Daily Mail: A new study suggests that men can endure more pain than women (thanks to the reader who emailed the story):

It is a debate that can prove rather agonising for everyone involved.
Men have long claimed that their pain threshold is higher than women’s, while women cite childbirth as proof the opposite is true.

Now, however, scientists claim to have found the answer once and for all. It seems men can tolerate more pain than women and are less likely to let on that they are suffering because they want to appear macho.


I assume this physical pain extends to the psychological. Men in relationships who are suffering rarely let on. Is this good, bad, or indifferent? I think it depends on the circumstances. Also, just because men can endure more pain, does it make it easier? I don’t think so. It could just be that a man will be ridiculed if he shows pain and a woman will be sympathized with.


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