Last Call for the NeverTrumpers

Now that we seem to be having a non-stop stream of evidence (as if we needed it) that the Obama and forthcoming Clinton administrations are basically a crime syndicate, stretching from the Department of Justice, through the FBI, and into the IRS -- and an international one at that, with tentacles, via the Clinton Foundation, all the way to Moscow and Riyadh -- it's time for the NeverTrumpers to take a final look at their position.

Do they want to enable such a crime syndicate to be running the U.S. government? And if so, how do they expect it ever to end, if not now? Through litigation? Under whose auspices? Do they not think, if Hillary is elected, that the paramount goal of her administration will be to further entrench the syndicate, making it impermeable to change, turning the USA into the ghost of itself? These things happen in history.

Not simple, is it?

If I were writing my book on moral narcissism today, I would have to add a chapter on the NeverTrumpers, because -- like it or not -- their stance, while once idealistic, at this point seems rather too substantially based on self-regard. They want to have "clean hands" to avoid any tarnishing by the unseemly Mr. Trump.

Well, fine. But where does that leave the rest of us? Where does that leave the country?

Having spent some time on the campaign trail at Trump rallies, it was interesting I never saw anyone identified with the NeverTrump movement. That doesn't mean they weren't there. I just didn't see them, although I recognized and spoke with quite a number of media people, some very well known.

Was this a lack of curiosity on the part of the NeverTrumpers? A disinterest in the "deplorables," maybe even a willful blindness toward them? I don't know, but I'm suspicious. To be fair, the MSM folks too evinced little interest in the "deplorables." I rarely saw them speaking, as if the Trump supporters were indeed "untouchables" on leave from Calcutta.

The truth is they were some of the nicest people you'd ever want to meet. I spent a good deal of time hobnobbing with them, because, frankly, I had a good deal of time to kill. Most of reporting consists of waiting around.

What I discovered was these "flyover" people were surprisingly sophisticated. They understood and were often disturbed by the same issues with Trump that the NeverTrumpers were, although perhaps they did not express them quite as artfully in a manner suitable for publication.