'Lone Wolves,' Trump and the Election of 2016


There are no "lone wolves," the latest politically correct neologism invented to explain (and explain away) the spread of single-actor terrorists proliferating across the world and now the U.S., notably with the latest murder of our unarmed military in Chattanooga by Mohammad Youssuf Abdulazeez.

"Love wolves," like "Islamophobia" before it, is a bogus term of distraction, designed to take focus off the reality that a solid percentage of the billion plus Islamic world is at war with the West, seeking to take it over, militarily and/or ideologically.  These may be solitary individuals (or often not, as in Boston and Garland) but they are all acting from the same playbook -- the Koran and Hadith.   They are simply soldiers in a massive global army.  They all know their instructions, which are in front of their eyes and couldn't be simpler.

Attempts are being made to find an excuse -- anything but Islam. According to CNN, Abdulazeez's Jordanian relatives are claiming the young man was "depressed."  So is almost everybody I know at one time or another ... and guess what?  Not a single one of them is a terrorist.  Perhaps Obama should declare a War on Depression and give out free Prozac in the mosques along with condoms.  That should do it.

Meanwhile, I'm sure some exist, but I have yet to meet a single middle or upper class white liberal or progressive who has actually read the Koran or Hadith.  At most they answer, "Well, sure... back in school," in which case you know they're lying. Or they'll launch into a disquisition on how it doesn't really matter because all religions are equal, noting that there's "bad stuff" in the Bible.  Somewhere north of ninety percent of these folks do not know that the Koran, unlike the Bible,  is considered by Muslims the verbatim dictation of Allah to Mohammed (therefore undebatable) or how the  inevitable contradictions that stem from this are rectified through abrogation. And they have even less idea what this abrogation adds up to, how it has ratified the ideology of the murderous modern jihad movement from the Muslim Brotherhood on into ISIS.  They don't want to know.  They also don't want to know that Muslim immigration is exploding and overwhelming the FBI. This is highly disruptive information to them and wouldn't play well at the next PTA diversity meeting.

They similarly don't want to know that ISIS (the former jayvee team) is currently buying property on European soil.  Better stick close to the cruise ship on those Mediterranean vacations.  Could get a little disruptive.