Violence-Promoting Antifa Academic Condemned by Police Union, Dartmouth President

Mark Bray on CSPAN, August 26, 2007. Via YouTube.

Another university academic has come under fire from the police for expressing support for the far-left, anti-cop anarchist group antifa.

Dartmouth College lecturer Mark Bray is described in his bio as a “historian of human rights, terrorism, and political radicalism in Modern Europe.” He was also a spokesman for the Occupy Wall Street movement in 2011.


The Alliance for Global Justice, a progressive charity that is funded by George Soros, was/is a sponsor of both OWS and Refuse Fascism, the left-wing, antifa-linked group that helped organize the violent shutdown of the Milo Yiannopoulos event at the University of California, Berkeley last February.

Bray wrote a book on OWS that was published in 2013.

In 2017, Bray’s book, Antifa, the Anti-Fascist Handbook, was published.

Bray recently signed a copy of his antifa book for his cop-hating “comrade” professor Michael Isaacson, who shared a photo of the inscription on Twitter.

“Don’t let the bastards grind you down,” wrote Bray.

In the wake of the largely media-driven “white supremacy” hysteria, Bray has become somewhat of a media personality, with dozens of national news outlets turning to him for information about antifa. According to the Washington Post, all of the media attention is making administration officials at Dartmouth a bit nervous. “Dartmouth officials are unsettled,” according to the report. “Bray has made no secret about his belief that violence is, in some circumstances, justified. In turn, the university has sought to distance itself from him.”


In a recent appearance on CSPAN, Bray defended antifa’s violence against fellow Americans by calling it “preemptive self-defense.”

Dartmouth President Philip J. Hanlon recently repudiated Bray in a statement, saying he was “supporting violent protest.” Hanlon went on to say, “As an institution, we condemn anything but civil discourse in the exchange of ideas. The endorsement of violence in any form is contrary to Dartmouth values.”

Many Dartmouth faculty members, in the meantime, showed their support for Bray in a letter denouncing the president’s statement. “Now, Bray’s colleagues are coming to his defense,” WaPo wrote. “More than 100 faculty members at Dartmouth have signed a letter calling on the president to retract the statement, as the Chronicle of Higher Education reported Monday. They said Dartmouth officials issued the statement without consulting Bray first and allowed his critics in the media to distort his remarks.”

Bray, who is on a national book tour, spread his pro-antifa poison to young skulls full of mush at Duke University just last week:

Police have taken notice, the New York Post reported. “People like Bray and the other guy really don’t have a place in academia,” Ed Mullins, president of the Sergeants Benevolent Association, told the paper. “They’re riling up people to cause public harm.”


Bray’s support of Isaacson should give Dartmouth pause, said Mullins, who added that deep-pocketed donors should consider withdrawing funding from endowments if colleges fail to offer countervailing opinions.

“If academia wants to continue to approve of this, maybe people need to rethink where they’re putting their money,” he said.

Michael Isaacson, “the other guy,” came to the nation’s attention on September 14 when he appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight to defend antifa. Internet sleuths quickly unearthed several shocking tweets from his Twitter timeline expressing extreme anti-cop animus, including: “I think it’s a privilege to teach future dead cops,” “What’s even the point of a cop that isn’t dead?” and “Off the pigs.”

Since then, Far Left Watch has discovered even more tweets, including one in last November recommending the assassination of President Trump and Vice President Pence should they be elected.

He shared his point system for attacking the police in this 2016 tweet:

Far Left Watch notes that Isaacson posted his “off the pigs” tweet one day after five police officers were gunned down by a black radical in Dallas, Texas, last year.


In an editorial last week, the NY Post strongly recommended that the college “cut this dirtbag loose.” They wrote, “Frankly, he has nothing constructive to teach anyone — certainly not at John Jay. The First Amendment gives him the right to spew his venomous drivel, but it doesn’t protect him from any consequences.”

Time to cut this dirtbag loose now.

Shockingly, John Jay has still not decided whether or not Isaacson should remain employed at their criminal justice college.


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