Antifa Professor: 'Off the Pigs'

Antifa Professor Michael Isaacson on Fox News' Kennedy. Via YouTube screenshot

Do you remember Michael Isaacson, the human/giraffe hybrid antifa leader who hates cops and teaches economics at John Jay College of Criminal Justice in Manhattan?


Isaacson came to the nation’s attention after he shared his abhorrent views regarding antifa on Tucker Carlson Tonight last week. Internet sleuths quickly dug up and brought to light several shocking tweets that expressed his extreme anti-cop animus, including: “I think it’s a privilege to teach future dead cops” and “What’s even the point of a cop that isn’t dead?”

I wrote about his anti-cop exploits on Twitter here.

John Jay College quickly put out a statement condemning Isaacson’s tweets and announcing that he has been placed on leave until they can decide what further action to take.

With all due respect, this should be a no-brainer. What is truly puzzling is how a self-described anarcho-communist radical like Isaacson was able to get away with his very public anti-cop rhetoric for so long, and how the antifa activist was able to get a teaching position at a college of criminal justice to begin with.

While John Jay considers Isaacson’s future at the college, Leftwing Watch has discovered several more of his twisted tweets that the college might find helpful.


“I want my students to actually be able to do what they want, which is help people, and I don’t think policing is an institution that allows them to do that,” Isaacson informed Fox News host Kennedy in another appearance on the network earlier this week. “I want to see them become social workers, I want to see them become EMTs, I want to see them become fire fighters …”

Left unsaid was the obvious point that Isaacson’s vision of a world without law enforcement would require many, many more EMTs and fire fighters. Not to mention morgues.

Kennedy remarked that the antifa radical would become a cop himself if he truly wanted to make a positive difference.


“I am an anarcho-communist!” Isaacson shot back. “I do not want to work within the system. I want to tear the system down root and branch!” 

Wait — a criminal justice college employs this guy?

He went on to argue that the police are “props” for the prison and weapons industries, rather than what they are — the thin blue line that protects law-abiding citizens from crime, violence, and ultimate anarchy.

“The police serve the weapons industry and the prison industry and they are put in this awful position of having to fire their weapons more often because their training videos are telling them to do so, and having to criminalize the entire population because it’s a prop for the prison industry and a prop for the weapons industry,” he ranted.

John Jay College approves of this message?



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