Project Veritas: Latest Developments in #DisruptJ20 Plot to Prevent Peaceful Transfer of Power

James O’Keefe provided updates about the meetings his organization Project Veritas had with law enforcement officials on Wednesday, and described how the DisruptJ20 anarchists are scaling back their plans because of the Veritas videos, (which can be viewed here and here.)


O’Keefe also appeared on Sean Hannity’s radio show Wednesday to respond to  “ridiculous” claims that his videos are a product of a “counter sting” effort by leftist organizations.

“I want to ask you, what do you make of what the Huffington Post charged yesterday about this being a counter-sting as their rational or excuse for the things you have on tape of them saying?” Sean asked O’Keefe.

“I think it’s ridiculous,” O’Keefe responded. “When we met with the FBI, they were aware that they were planning the activities to disrupt the inauguration.”

The counter-sting claims began when the Huffington Post published an article in which a group called Undercurrent claimed it was aware of a Project Veritas undercover investigator in their midst. They charge that the journalist was attempting to incite protesters to criminal acts.


“The supposed counter-sting had nothing to do with this investigation,” O’Keefe declared. “It was about another organization and in that case our journalist was not even inciting, she was asking questions.”

Despite claims from the left-wing groups, the behavior and actions of those busted in Project Veritas’ investigation indicate that they were unaware of the activities of O’Keefe’s undercover journalists.



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