Fake Hate: Black Teenage Girl Cited for Sending Out Racist, Threatening Tweets

In yet another racial “hate crime” hoax, the Anne Arundel County Police Department in Maryland has charged a 14-year-old African American girl with a juvenile citation for sending out racist tweets.


The hoax had two Annapolis-area high schools on high alert earlier this week, after several racist, white-supremacist tweets from a purported KKK supporter threatened them over a period of several days.

Police began their investigation after Arundel High School officials tipped them off about the racist Twitter account, @KoolkidsKlanKkk, which was sending out the terrible tweets, including one that read “we’re planning to attack tomorrow” and another that read “black (expletive) better run!!”

On Monday afternoon before school dismissal, the first threatening tweet appeared from an account called “Kool Kids Klan KKK.” It referred to an attacked at Arundel High School. And later that evening, a second threat was tweeted about an attack at Annapolis High School on Tuesday.

Annapolis-area high school administrators met on Wednesday with parents and students “for an open dialog” about the racist threats at the schools.

The incidents began with a petition titled “Kool Kids Klan” that was circulated last Friday at Arundel High School.

The Annapolis Capital Gazette reported that students at Arundel High School circulated the petition titled “Kool Kids Klan,” which urged White students to join the group. It included White supremacist language and a racial slur to describe African-Americans.

“It is unconscionable to me how anyone could believe this material is anything but horrifying, and it has absolutely no place in our schools or school system,” Arlotto’s letter stated.


The Anne Arundel Police Department believed the threats lacked credibility, but police officers patrolled both campuses on the lookout for any possible Klansmen on Tuesday, just in case.

Via CBS Baltimore:

Police worked with Twitter, and were able to identify the person who created the account and sent out the threatening tweet.

That person has been identified as a 14-year-old African American female who attends Arundel High School.

Authorities interviewed the girl while she was with her parents, and police say she admitted to creating the Twitter account and sending the threatening tweet.

She was charged with a juvenile citation for disruption of school activities and released to her parents.


It’s not clear whether the student behind the “Kool Kids Klan” Twitter account was also involved with the racist petition.  The school district acted “swiftly and aggressively” to administer “appropriate disciplinary action” to all of the students involved, according to Robert Mosier, chief communications officer of Anne Arundel Public Schools.  But they were not able to identify the students.



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