Naked Pizza Shop Thief Stuns Maryland Town

A man broke into a pizza parlor last week, and did about $5,000 worth of damage before leaving with a small amount of change — but that’s not what has tongues wagging in Towson, Maryland. The thief — for some inexplicable reason — stripped off all of his clothes and ransacked the Slice of Towson pizza shop totally in the buff.  At one point the nefarious nudie did put a towel over his head — perhaps because he was feeling a bit uncovered.


The burglary happened at around 6 a.m. on November 10. Owner Paul Rizas viewed the shocking surveillance video the next day.

CBS Baltimore reports:

“He’s now what’s called the Naked Slice Burglar. So he was in here with no pants,” said Rizas.

It’s unclear whether he took his pants off — or they got stuck while he shimmied through a tiny vent from the roof.

“I thought the whole whole situation was weird to begin with,” said employee Sara Dauber.

The surveillance photos have made a “real impression” in town, according to CBS Baltimore.

“Was he that desperate for pizza he couldn’t wait until the store opened up? I don’t understand,” said one customer.

“It’s like the talk of town right now,” said Dauber.

Strangely enough, the naked thief didn’t eat any pizza while he was ransacking the shop, but he did steal a bottle of water. The owner is offering a tempting reward for any information leading to the arrest of the miscreant: “Free pizza for life. To anyone who can identify this man to the authorities, enough to get him arrested,” said Rizas.


Investigators got a promising lead when someone tried to cash stolen checks from the burglary at a bank in a nearby town. Police are hoping to identify the thief in the bank’s surveillance video.

Slice of Towson, in the meantime, is thinking of naming a pizza after the burglar, calling it the “Naked Pizza” — which I’m guessing will hold the pepperoni.


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