Julian Assange: 'We Have Released Thousands of Cables Where Clinton Herself Has Used a 'C' in Brackets'

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange made news on Fox News’ “Hannity” Tuesday night when he produced evidence that seemed to prove that Hillary Clinton lied to FBI investigators about classified markings. During her FBI interview on July 2, Clinton claimed that as secretary of state she didn’t know that information marked “(C)” denoted confidential material. According to the FBI documents, she had speculated that a “C” in brackets was used for marking paragraphs in alphabetical order. The obvious follow-up question — “Gee, did you ever see an ‘A’ or ‘B’ in the preceding paragraphs?” — was not asked. The FBI, stunningly, took her at her word.


Assange claimed that Clinton knew full well what the (C) was for —  because she has used it thousands of times herself. He dropped the bombshell at the end of his interview with Sean Hannity.

“In the FBI report released Friday, I agree with your analysis, it is very strange that was released Friday afternoon on a Labor weekend,” Assange said. “I do think it draws questions to what sort of game the FBI is trying to play. … Hillary Clinton says that she can’t remember what a ‘C’ in brackets stands for. Everyone in positions of government and in WikiLeaks knows it stands for classified, confidential. And in fact, we have already released thousands of cables by Hillary Clinton…with a ‘C’ in brackets right there,” said Assange while producing one of the documents. “Thousands of examples, where she herself has used a ‘C’ in brackets, and signed it off, and more than 22,000 times that she has received cables from others with this ‘C’ in brackets. So, it’s absolutely incredible for Clinton to lie. She is lying about not knowing what that is, but it’s a bit disturbing that James Comey goes along with that game.”

Clinton knew. And the FBI knows she knew.


They also know that she mishandled highly classified NSA information — including SIGINT (signals intelligence) and emails from the Special Access Program (SAP) from “tightly restricted GAMMA channels,” as former NSA analyst John Schindler recently reported at the NY Observer. She lied to the the public, Congress, and the FBI about all of it.

It’s time for an independent prosecutor.

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