Ted Cruz Confronts Pro-Trump Hecklers: 'He is Playing You for a Chump'

Republican presidential hopeful Sen. Ted Cruz on Monday took the opportunity to debate pro-Trump demonstrators outside of a campaign event in Marion, Indiana.

When a handful of Trump supporters heckled him as he was leaving, Cruz crossed the street and spent the next several minutes debating them. He bombarded the Trump stalwarts with one inconvenient fact after another about their chosen candidate, but they would not be dissuaded from supporting him.


Cruz asked the most argumentative man of the bunch, “What do you like about Trump?”

“Everything,” the man replied. Cruz insisted that he name something in particular.

“The wall,” the man answered. “That’s the main thing.”

“Did you know on the wall that Donald Trump told the New York Times editorial board he’s not going to build a wall and he’s not going to deport anyone?”

“You’re lyin’!” the man exclaimed. “Once again lyin’ Ted!”

Cruz admonished the man for shouting. “Civilized people don’t just scream and yell at each other. I’m not yelling at you.” He then reminded the man that Trump’s words to the NYT were caught on tape. “The New York Times recorded the whole thing,” Cruz said.

“What about all your mistresses!” the man shot back.

“That’s a total lie made up by Donald Trump’s campaign,” Cruz said coolly.

“Okkkkay, Lyin’ Ted!”  the man grinned.

“Career politicians have killed America, down with the career politicians!” shouted a man in the crowd. “You are the problem,” Cruz’s main protagonist said.


“Out of all the candidates, name one who had a million dollar judgement against him for hiring illegal aliens,” Cruz said in response.

“Name one who is self-funding,” the man replied.

Cruz responded by noting that Trump is a rich guy who “buys politicians.”

“Where’s your Goldman Sachs jacket at? We know your wife worked there,” the Trump supporter shot back.

“Actually, I am supported by 1.3 million contributions,” Cruz replied. “Our average contribution is $60.”

He pointed out that Trump has been “bringing in hundreds of foreign workers” in Florida instead of hiring American citizens.

“Sir, with all respect,” Cruz said. “Donald Trump is deceiving you. He is playing you for a chump. Ask yourself two questions: Why is it that the mainstream media is so desperate for Donald Trump to be the nominee. Why is it that John Boehner supports Donald Trump? Do you agree with John Boehner?”

“I don’t believe in anybody,” the man answered. “But I believe in Trump.”

Asked what he would do about the Second Amendment, Cruz answered, “I have defended the 2nd Amendment in front of the Supreme Court of the United States. Do you know that Donald Trump supported Bill Clinton’s national ban on some of the most popular firearms in America? And that is a fact.”


Cruz went on to note that Donald Trump would not have had a conversation with his critics. Trump would have had his supporters come over to punch them in the face. “That’s what Donald does to protesters,” Cruz noted.

“You’re lyin’ just like you always do,” the man replied.

Cruz suggested that the man “go home and google ‘Donald punch in the face protester,’ noting that the bombastic billionaire even offered to pay the legal fees of people who take him up on it.”

“In America, we are a nation that is better than anger and insults and cursing and rage. And I believe the people of Indiana have the common sense and good judgement and really want good solutions,” Cruz concluded as the man started loudly whooping, “Vote Trump!!!”

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After video of the exchange hit the news channels, a very pleased Donald Trump was asked what he thought of it:

Via the Washington Times:

At a Trump rally later in Carmel, the real estate tycoon applauded the protesters, saying they weren’t fooled by Mr. Cruz’s lies about his stance on taxes, Obamacare and illegal immigration.

“Is that guy here with the sunglasses,” Mr. Trump said. “Whoever he is, I thought he was very cool. I though him and his friends were because they are not going to be buffaloed by lies.”

He chided Mr. Cruz for accusing him of lying about building a wall on the U.S. border with Mexico.

“Lyin’ Ted. It’s unbelievable,” said Mr. Trump. “Believe me folks. We’re building the wall.”


Cruz desperately needs to win the Indiana primary Tuesday to restore his momentum and prevent Trump from clinching the nomination before the Republican National Convention in July.




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