British Columnist Makes Fun of Obama's 'Absurd' Town Hall in London

Members of the audience look on during a town hall meeting with U.S. President Barack Obama at Lindley Hall in London, Saturday, April 23, 2016. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

Conservative columnist and provocateur Richard Littlejohn poked fun at President Obama Monday after he hosted a town hall in London that was a bit heavy on the “diversity” and political correctness for his taste. The audience for the event, which was held on Saturday, was reportedly chosen by the American embassy and “appeared heavily weighted to appease the ‘diversity’ brigade,” according to Littlejohn.


“Take another look at the audience at Barack Obama’s ‘town hall’ meeting in London,” Littlejohn invited Daily Mail readers. “Is this a portrait of Britain you recognise?”

I know we are ordered to celebrate ‘diversity’ at all times, but was it really a genuine representation of our population as a whole?

While Littlejohn found the conspicuous multiculturalism that was on display (with “the obligatory number of women in Islamic headgear”) hard to take, he found the topics of discussion — a grab-bag of the left’s latest counter-cultural enthusiasms — completely mock-worthy.

No box was left unticked. Other guests included a woman engaged in tackling ‘gender inequalities,’ an Iraqi refugee, a disabled domestic violence campaigner and someone described as a ‘non-binary Muslim,’ who refuses to define as either male or female.

You couldn’t make it up.

Charities invited included the usual bunch of self-obsessed agitators for gay and transgender ‘rights’ and an obscure outfit called the Anti-Tribalism Movement. Nope, me neither.

The regulation sprinkling of luvvies starred Sherlock actor Benedict Cumberbatch, last seen preaching from the stage at London’s Barbican Theatre about why Britain should take in millions of migrants from Syria and beyond.

To be honest, if I’d have sat down and written in advance a parody of the Obama event for last Friday’s column, I couldn’t have come up with such an absurd cast list. And if I had, by lunchtime I would have been inundated with emails reading: ‘Steady on, Rich, you’ve gone a bit far this time.’


But isn’t it refreshing that the president took a break from the most pressing foreign policy issues of the day — the rise of ISIS and the spread of Islamic terrorism, Russian aggression, and the war in Syria — to tackle gender inequality and gay and transgender rights? Those issues really do not get enough media attention these days — so thank God for President Obama!

Littlejohn, however, was having none of it and went on to needle the Obamas for seeming “desperately keen to promote the Muslim agenda” whenever they visit Britain.

The conservative columnist concluded that Americans “could be forgiven for thinking that Britain has been transformed into a nation of cross-dressing, non-binary Muslims who like nothing better of an evening than to come home after a round of golf with Call Me Dave, beat the hell out of their disabled wives, before heading off on a rocking horse to the weekly wheelchair disco in aid of refugees, at the ‘non-binary’ Anti-Tribalism workshop in Windsor Castle.”

Obama did promise to spend much of his last year traveling the globe to tout his “foreign policy successes” and spread his charming brand of political correctness as only he can.


As a proud American I fully support the president’s plan to go on a farewell world tour, and would encourage him to spend as much time as possible out of the country.


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