Trump, Cruz War of the Wives Takes an Ugly Turn

A ridiculous and embarrassing “war of wives” between the top two Republican candidates that has been raging since last week took an ugly turn Wednesday night when front-runner Donald Trump retweeted a lopsided side-by-side comparison of their wives, showing an unflattering photo of Heidi Cruz next to an enticing picture of his own wife, Melania Trump.


Cruz responded with his own tweet:

The row began earlier this week when an ad was posted online featuring a nude model photo of Melania Trump in hopes that it would deter conservative Mormon voters from supporting him in Utah.

The glamour shots of Melania appeared in GQ magazine in January of 2000, ironically the very same magazine that published suggestive photos of Megyn Kelly in black lingerie a few years back. As blogger Ace of Spades notes, Trump fans spent six months tweeting and retweeting those photos to demonstrate that Megyn Kelly is immoral. Now, they’re fuming because an anti-Trump super PAC has used the same slimy tactics against their candidate.

The inappropriate ad was put out by the anti-Trump PAC “Make America Awesome,” independently from the Cruz campaign. But Trump, incorrectly blaming Cruz for the ad, raged at him on Twitter and threatened to “spill the beans” on his wife Heidi.


Trump’s threat may or may not apply to a minor incident from 2005 in which Mrs. Cruz was picked up by a cop while suffering from a serious bout of depression. If Trump was indeed alluding to that sad and unfortunate episode from Heidi Cruz’s life, there really are no depths too low for the “bombastic billionaire” to plumb in his quest to become president.

The ugly feud escalated last night with Trump’s disgraceful retweet.

Heidi Cruz hit back at The Donald while on the campaign trail in Wisconsin; meanwhile, Trump doubled down on his accusation that the Cruz campaign was somehow behind the “Make America Awesome” ad.

Via CNN:

“Well, as you probably know by now, most of the things, many of the things others say are not based in reality,” Heidi Cruz said.
“I have one job on this campaign, and it is to be helping Ted win this race. And it is, I think, the easiest job in the world, and that is to speak the truth: what I know about my husband, our family, myself,” she added.
Heidi Cruz also denied the photo of Melania Trump came from the Cruz campaign.
“In no shape or form are we related to it,” she said.
Trump again accused the Cruz campaign of being behind the ad on Wednesday, tweeting, “Lyin’ Ted Cruz denied that he had anything to do with the G.Q. model photo post of Melania. That’s why we call him Lyin’ Ted!”


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