DRAINING THE SWAMP: Top 40 Troubling Listings from the Obamacare Navigator/Assister Security Nightmare (UPDATED)

(Published 10/29/13. This piece was read by Rep. Louis Gohmert on the House floor.)

Last week, we reported that the “honor system” is being used to confirm the identity and certification of Navigators/Assisters. The “Find Local Help” feature on Healthcare.gov refers consumers to potential predators.


We have since reviewed, state by state, every single Navigator/Assister that Healthcare.gov currently displays to the public via “Find Local Help”.

This search revealed two additional dangers of the Navigator/Assister system:

1. The consumer is vulnerable, but so is the taxpayer. The program is rife with organizations that have advocated for “open borders,” have helped illegal immigrants dodge apprehension, and have attempted to give illegal immigrants access to additional taxpayer-funded resources.

Such organizations are obvious risks to fraudulently register illegal immigrants for subsidized health insurance, and as such, have no business being included in the government-funded Navigator/Assister program.

2. Regulations require Navigators/Assisters to be “unbiased.” However, many organizations that were founded partly or entirely to advocate for politically left-leaning policies — including causes such as “universal health care,” “single-payer,” and Obamacare itself — are nonetheless part of the program.

Many of these groups already receive government funding, which further raises the obvious conflict-of-interest issues. As many will be paid according to the number of consumers successfully registered for an Obamacare plan, such groups have several incentives to steer consumers away from free-market plans that may be superior options.


Outside of the below list, only a handful of suspicious, “open borders,” or politically biased organizations have yet been exposed nationally. Below, a list of 40 to spur the much-needed discussion …

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