Imagine a Country Today Where More Than One Third of Men Admit to Rape...


1. Imagine a country today where more than one third of the men admit to rape….

More than one in three South African men questioned in a survey admitted to rape, the latest evidence in the country of a violent culture of patriarchy.

Researchers found that more than three in four men said they had perpetrated violence against women.

Nearly nine in 10 men believe that a woman should obey her husband – and almost six in 10 women also agreed with the statement.

South Africa has one of the highest rates of rape in the world. Last year a survey by the Medical Research Council (MRC) found that 28% of men in Eastern Cape and KwaZulu-Natal provinces said they had raped a woman or girl.

A new MRC study in Gauteng, the country’s wealthiest province, found that 37.4% of men admitted having committed a rape, while 25.3% of women said they had been raped.


2. Imagine a world today that celebrates when this country’s most famous leader dies at the age of 95, and the president equates him with Abraham Lincoln and America’s founding fathers….

“Like Gandhi, he would lead a resistance movement, a movement that at its start had little prospect for success,” Obama said. “Like Dr. King, he would give potent voice to the claims of the oppressed and the moral necessity of racial justice.”

Obama commented that Mandela was imprisoned from the time John F. Kennedy and Nikita Khrushchev were the leaders of the United States and Soviet Union until the end of the Cold War.

“Emerging from prison, without the force of arms, he would—like Abraham Lincoln—hold his country together when it threatened to break apart,” Obama said. “And like America’s founding fathers, he would erect a constitutional order to preserve freedom for future generations—a commitment to democracy and rule of law ratified not only by his election, but by his willingness to step down from power after only one term.”

3. Imagine that the movement founded by William F. Buckley Jr., Barry Goldwater, and Ronald Reagan is somehow today led by men like Newt Gingrich who sing the same adulations, putting South Africa’s leader at the same level with George Washington:

“Everybody says they love freedom,” said an incredulous Gingrich, comparing Mandela to America’s founding fathers during an interview on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

He said the South African anti-apartheid revolutionary deserved acclaim from “everybody who is proud of the farmers at Lexington and Concord who stood up to the British army, everybody who is grateful to George Washington for eight years in the field fighting the British Empire.”

After Mandela died Thursday, Gingrich posted a statement that lauded him as “one of the greatest leaders of our lifetime.”


4. Imagine a popular culture today that holds the deceased icon as a human rights hero, disregarding his promotion of totalitarian criminal dictators like Moammar Gaddaffi, a serial rapist who kept a harem stocked with teenage virgins of both sexes….



Page 158 of Gaddafi’s Harem: The Story of a Young Woman and the Abuses of Power in Libya by Annick Cojean:


4. Imagine a media today where none of this is really the story of importance, but instead the big question is what the first lady was thinking as the president took a “selfie” at this icon’s memorial service…


5. Imagine something wild and crazy like that the “real” president making the decisions behind the scenes, Valerie Jarrett, has just cut a deal with Iran — a theocratic slave state that has declared its intent to destroy Israel — giving them the green light to continue enriching uranium….

Almost exactly one year ago reports surfaced that Valerie Jarrett was engaged in “secret” negotiations with Iran as Obama’s personal emissary.

The reports originated with Iranian bloggers, and was reported also by The New York Times. The Obama administration categorically denied the reports.

Now Israeli television is reporting similar involvement, via the Times of Israel, ‘Geneva talks a facade, US-Iran worked secretly on deal for past year’

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6. Don’t dare imagine that this video describing “anal Jihad” could be regarded as both a shocking description of the lengths our enemies are willing to go to destroy America, and also an apt metaphor for this administration’s approach for how to deal with the rest of the world….


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