Touring Derrick Bell's Afrolantica, Part 5: Thomas Jefferson, A Symbol of American Racism

Part 1: A Guided Tour Through Derrick Bell’s Afrolantica Legacies

Part 2: A ‘Euphoria of Freedom’

Part 3: What Could it Mean to Be White?

Part 4: The Wages of Antisemitism


Before beginning our journey to Afrolantica, this dialogue opens the book:

Geneva Crenshaw is a fictional character created by Professor Derrick Bell. She appears in his previous writings as an idealized version of himself, expressing his opinions with greater vigor.

For Critical Race Theorists to make the case for American racism’s “permanence” they must annihilate the Founding Fathers’ reputations. If Thomas Jefferson and the other founders were so stupid that they could not see the common humanity of non-whites then why should anyone respect their political values and the legitimacy of our nation?

With this political theology embedded in one’s heart and mind, the emotional desire to “fundamentally transform” America arises:

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