The Top 10 Comic Book Movies Hollywood Still Needs to Make (#3): PIGMAN

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3. The Infidel and Pigman

Of all the titles on the list, here’s the film that’s most unlikely to ever be made, at least by Hollywood. It’s the story of two brothers who  have opposite reactions to 9/11. One recommits himself to Islam and joins the Jihad. The other renounces his former faith even more and creates an anti-Jihad superhero named Pigman. The first issue of the comic (available for digital download here) artfully interweaves stories from this main narrative with sequences from the comic-within-a-comic Pigman. It’s a tremendous piece of work, both at the artistic level and as a philosophical statement both personal and political.

I reviewed my friend Bosch Fawstin’s comic here.

For a film to be made it would require independent investors with a lot of guts. Perhaps as the cost of creating animation continues to go down and the skills and technology filter out to the masses an enterprising Objectivist animator will see a potential project here. Given how controversial Bosch’s ideas are — he’s the anti-Jihad movement’s most prominent illustrator — a film version seems only feasible with cartoons for the Pigman sequences. But then again, that’s in the world of today. Who knows what the ideological makeup of this country will be 20 years from now.


Check out Bosch’s response to how they edited his interview here.


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