Marxist Preacher Jim Wallis Bemoans Circuit Court Smackdown of Obama Immigration Order

You may recall Jim Wallis as the founder of Sojourners, a Marxist publication masquerading as Christian. Wallis has never shied from twisting scripture to support government thuggery.

Wallis has come out to protest a recent decision by the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals to halt an executive order by President Barack Obama which would have granted de facto amnesty to 5 million illegal immigrants. From The Christian Post:

Wallis… said in a statement Tuesday that the panel majority “put politics over people.”

“This decision is not justice. It is not what welcoming the stranger and caring for the least of these looks like,” stated Wallis.

“Christians must continue to fight alongside our immigrant brothers and sisters, many of whom are members of our churches, so that everyone can enjoy the flourishing that God intends for us all.”

Wallis’ sense of justice almost always involves stealing from others to fund his favorite charities, which of course is not charity at all. In the case of immigration, Wallis may happen upon some valid criticism of the status quo. However, his desire to see change ought not trump the proper legislative process such change must emerge from.