'Finding Nemo' Sequel Coming, 13 Years Later

Parents know all too well the high-pitched drudgery endured through repeated viewings of their children’s favorite movies. How many times can you hear “Let It Go” before taking a power drill to your ear drums?

Finding Nemo may be the least abrasive of such films, a quality story with multi-generational humor that’s perfectly paced to hold interest without overloading the senses. One of Pixar’s most successful and critically acclaimed projects, Finding Nemo is getting a sequel next year.

Finding Dory will shift the focus to the amnesiac tang fish voiced by Ellen DeGeneres. With lesser pedigree, concern over retread ground might be warranted. But Pixar is known for puling the trigger on production only after they have total confidence in their story. There’s reason to believe they can deliver something special that parents won’t mind viewing again and again.