Disney Reveals Star Wars Episode VIII Title, Internet Jumps to Episode IX

On Monday, Disney revealed the title of the upcoming Star Wars movie, which as avid fans know is Episode VIII.

“We have the greatest fans in this or any other galaxy. In appreciation of the fans, we wanted them to be the first to know the title of the next chapter in the Skywalker saga: STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI,” a post on reported Monday morning.

“THE LAST JEDI is written and directed by Rian Johnson and produced by Katheleen Kennedy and Ram Bergman and executive produced by J.J. Abrams, Jason McGatlin, and Tom Karnowski,” the announcement explained. The film is scheduled for release on December 15, 2017.

Johnson, the director, is best known for directing the film Looper (2012).

Rather than going crazy about this news, fans took to Twitter to make up titles for the final upcoming film in what Disney called “the Skywalker saga,” Episode IX.

Film critic Scott Weinberg predicted Episode IX would be titled, “Wait We Found Anther Jedi.”

National Review‘s senior political correspondent, Jim Geraghty, agreed.

Others mocked the iconic style of many Star Wars titles.

And then there’s this gem.


In a dark corner of the universe…

Try this on for size:

The Force AwakensThe Last Jedi, … With a Kiss.

And here’s the natural Star Wars response anytime the “last” of anything is mentioned.

Finally, there actually was some news buried in all of these false Episode IX titles: Lucasfilm denied reports of a Carrie Fisher return via CGI in the final movie.

Still, it might be telling that even when the title of The Last Jedi was finally released, it was already overshadowed by Episode IX. That is one problem with widely known reports that there will be at least one more movie — people already rush to conclusions.

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