'Trump Against Humanity' Party Game Mocks Donald Trump Quotes

Playing off of the success of the hilarious Kickstarter card game “Cards Against Humanity” comes a new version of party political satire. “Trump Against Humanity” uses the same basic structure to let you and your friends create your own custom-made Donald Trump quotes. The poster-boy of flouting political correctness provides perfect fodder for the ultimate offensive game.

Trump’s promises to build a wall, his declarations that “women love me,” and offensive claims like “blood coming out of her…whatever” should provide perfect satirical entertainment. A party game based on these indiscretions should be perfect.

“Cards Against Humanity” (2011) follows the structure of “Apples to Apples” (1999) but with a hilarious wicked twist. This party game features two kinds of cards: red cards with nouns, and green cards with adjectives. Each player has a bunch of red cards, and every turn, one player draws a green card at random.

The green card will have an adjective like “funny” on it. Everyone else places one red card facedown, and the person who drew the green card gets to judge which red card best matches it. The judge gets to decide the criteria — will he pick the most accurate match-up or the funniest juxtaposition? The game consists in guessing which card the judge will choose.

“Cards Against Humanity” takes the same game and makes it dirty and hilarious. As the website explains, “Cards Against Humanity is a party game for horrible people. Unlike most of the party games you’ve played before, Cards Against Humanity is as despicable and awkward as you and your friends.”

The darker, dirtier version uses black question cards and white answer cards. Often the black card will feature a statement with a blank. For example:

Website Screenshot

Website Screenshot


Cards include crude jokes that border on the lude and even racist, but that’s the point — players have fun by making the worst combinations possible. This makes adding Trump to the mix all that more potent.

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“Trump Against Humanity” features The Donald’s verbal tropes and offensive combinations. “We took real life Donald Trump quotes and his best words and turned them into a super unofficial expansion pack for Cards Against Humanity,” the website explains.

Fill in the blanks of quotes like, “Make _____ great again,” with phrases like “illegal immigrants,” “moving to Canada,” and “micropenises,” for hours of offensive fun.”

The game has not yet launched, but if you sign up on the website, they will provide updates as it becomes available.