Are Personality Tests as Worthless as Zodiac Signs?

The Myers-Briggs personality test is pretty popular. In theory, it calculates your personality type based on where you fall on four different spectrums. People use the results for any number of things, including decisions about which occupation they should pursue.

But is there anything to it? Or it is about as useful as your zodiac sign?

Well, Life Noggin took a look and presented it in an easy to digest video format.

There you go.

Part of the problem may be similar to something we see in political polls. While someone may tend to be introverted, we see an infinite number of possible degrees to that introversion. Some people are all but hermits while others might just prefer to spend most nights at home rather than out and about.

And that would only matter if those spectrums not only exist but make up the bulk of an individual’s personality.

Keep this in mind when people try to argue they’re an INFP, saying it’s not their fault, they’re always so emotional. While it may not be their fault, it’s not because of a four-letter invention.