This Little Boy Playing Catch With Diamondbacks Players Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity

Many of us have fond memories of playing catch, either with our friends, our siblings, or our parents.  Such a simple thing, throwing and catching the ball with no rules to speak of, yet it can have a profound impact on us as kids.


With that in mind, imagine what it meant to a young baseball fan when Oscar Hernandez and Brandon Drury of the Arizona Diamondbacks played a quick game of catch?

Think about it, this only took a few minutes out of their day, but the impact it had on that boy is very real.

We often think about the diva athletes who want more money, more time with the ball, more of everything that only benefits them. They make the headlines, after all, but are they the majority?

Or are Hernandez and Drury more like most athletes, people who play the game for money but also because they love it. Let me tell you, mercenary players aren’t likely to toss the ball with a young fan without some kind of financial compensation, and the divas aren’t going to throw it around without making sure it’s a media extravaganza so the whole world can see how “real” they are.

Frankly, this is the kind of thing that can restore your faith in humanity.

At least until the news comes on to destroy it all over again.



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