I Want This: Nike+ FuelBand

For those who have set a new year resolution of creating a more healthier lifestyle, Nike has several tools to support this healthy resolution. One of the newest products is Nike+ FuelBand. The FuelBand is designed to track daily physical activity calories for those looking to lose weight, get in shape or maintain a level of fitness.

Nike+ FuelBand

For the past year, I have focused on a healthy and active lifestyle with a goal of completing a Marathon (or two).  In order to make this happen, I consulted with a nutritionist who suggested an ongoing fitness goal of burning two thousand physical activity calories per week in addition to dietary plan. In order to maintain this goal, I have manually calculated my calories burned for each activity. This method has its limitations and I do not factor in daily activities such as vacuuming, cooking, or walking to the store.

The Nike+ FuelBand looks to be the perfect device to assist with my goal of burning two thousand physical activity calories per week. The data provided can help anyone looking to be more fit and healthy in 2012 by refining fitness goals and serving as a benchmark for improvement.

I’m planning on pre ordering this fitness device today and will share my real world review of the device when it arrives.