3 iPhone Apps to Help Keep Your Health & Fitness Resolution

It is near the end of January and many New Year resolutions are hopefully still in progress. If you have decided to use the new year as the starting point to develop better health and fitness habits, I have three incredibly useful applications to assist in maintaining your resolutions. I use all three apps regularly, however, I have chosen not to share the information publicly.


My Fitness Pal:  A fantastic FREE application that tracks your food intake and fitness activities. The app includes the ability to share this information via social media if you so choose to do so.  The software tracks your information, producing charts to visually show your progress. You get detailed nutritional information on every food item you enter into your daily diary.  If find this application to be incredibly useful in seeing my overall diet and fitness progress.

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Runkeeper:  A free application for your smart phone that uses the GPS technology to track your fitness activity. You can share the information online with other Runkeeper users or just keep the info on your phone. It provides auditory updates of your progress during the activity, maps your routes, and provides detailed information on speed, time and distance of your activity.

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Fooducate:  Not sure about a food product you are about to consume?  Use this FREE application to scan the UPC bar-code and find out its Fooducate grade. The application grades thousands of grocery food items and provides a stoplight color code and letter grade. It also provides reasons for the letter grade assigned to the food item. Honestly,  I was shocked to find my favorite powerbar – Zone Perfect – rated a D+ in Fooducate.  The application also provides alternative foods to help users make better food choices.


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If you have decided to place an emphasis on healthier eating and increasing your fitness activities, today’s smart phone technology can have a positive impact on successfully maintaining your goals.

NOTE: All three applications are available in the Android marketplace.

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