The Winning Move in the War Against the Nomenklatura

Here is what I’ve learned from my study of the Intellectual love affair with Marxism, along with one simple solution for winning the war against the Nomenklatura, the intellectual Marxist elite within our government, mass media, and public education systems.

Concurrent to the Russian Revolution, Liberalism in America became Marxism.  Based on my research it would appear that the Victorian social justice movement and an increasingly European-influenced intellectual movement, with the help of Soviet spies and American commie traitors, gave birth to the Liberal Marxist hybrid. Its fate as a movement wasn’t sealed until the 60’s, when anti-Stalinist liberals like the Trillings were washed away by the rising tide of Soviet disinformation that conquered liberalism and began framing American culture for the takeover.

The first generation of intellectuals who first embraced Marx through figureheads like Lenin, Trotsky and Stalin would pave the way for the second generation of intellectuals to assume the role of the American Nomenklatura. Through the Frankfurt School and folks like Susan Sontag and the writers of Partisan Review, it became very clear that Marxism is a lens through which one sees the world. Therefore, for groupthink to succeed, Marxists must imbue doubt in previously trusted individuals and institutions like, for instance, the United States Military and the fine soldiers thereof. Marxism, though, is about structure, not anarchy: For every institution the Nomenklatura destroyed, they provided a Marxist alternative. Nowhere is this more evident than in Second Wave Feminism’s advocacy for the destruction of the roles and institutions of Mother, Father and Family that paved the way for the creation of the Nanny State.

The personal is political” indeed. Marxism is more than a political philosophy; it is the supreme religion of the State. All religious and political gods that contradict the message of faith in the State must be done away with. Despite their best attempts to preach equality among the masses, Marxists must enthrone gods of their own to supersede those of other faiths. Speaking of other faiths, the unconquerable Messiah must be converted to Marxism in the eyes of His worshipers. If His worshipers do not accept this Marxist version of their Messiah, they will be cut off from the State. Those who worship the God with no face must themselves be converted to Marxism, or suffer the consequences.

For America to survive, the denizens of the free world must go on the offense against the Nomenklatura who are actively working to frame our nation as the next Marxist capital of the globe. This entails more than word battles on a case by case basis. It’s great to focus on issues like abortion, gay marriage, and immigration, but while we struggle to win the battle we risk losing the war. We are fighting the infestation of Marxism in our cultural psyche. Every issue must be understood and expressed within this context. Otherwise, we risk falling into denominational politics, with the Paulites battling the RINOs, battling the Tea Party while the Nomenklatura looks on, drooling. Bottom line: Are you against Marxism? Then as far as the Nomenklatura is concerned, we’re on the same team, so we might as well play to win.

Playing to win means embracing Godliness. Our roots in the Bible and shared faith in the God of Israel must be our unifying force. Andrew Breitbart succinctly stated that the Cultural Marxists of the Frankfurt School saw America’s Judeo-Christianity as the impregnable force keeping American capitalism in line. History proves that this political movement grounded in economic theory decided to attack American faith before anything else. In citing Ben Shapiro as one of the Top 10 Conservative Columnists of 2013, my own editor David Swindle made this poignant observation about God, the Bible, and faith:

The Torah should almost be understood more as a kind of technology inspired by God to reprogram our base, fallen human nature, and Jews like Ben are the proof that it works if you genuinely A) believe in it and B) follow a religion’s rituals to write it on your soul. Religions can work to transform you if you actually do them, instead of just believe them in your head. Rituals matter and rituals work.

(Many of my “Christ-like Christian” friends over the years have demonstrated the same point. The God of Israel is real and the Jews and Christians transformed through actively, consciously worshiping Him are His lights on this earth.)

The result of studying the Torah for a lifetime is that one begins to understand good and evil better, both the disease in our own hearts and its manifestation in others who threaten our safety in the world at large. Reading the Word and studying it imprints God’s personality on top of our own.

Whittaker Chambers wrote “The crisis of the Western world exists to the degree in which it is indifferent to God.” We aren’t going to solve our problems by batting our heads against the arguments of the Nomenklatura. Our ability to survive and flourish does not depend on them, it depends on God. Therefore, growing our Biblical faith is the primary solution to overcoming the Crisis and winning the war.

And perhaps that is why intellectuals fell so easily into the trap of Marxism in the first place: “Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall.” See? They’re starting to make more sense already!