When The Hero Dog Cocked His Leg to A Nazi Bomb in WWII


Modern Great Danes stand ready to protect their people, just as Juliana protected hers.

They also serve who only stand and whizz.

The Telegraph reports the story of Juliana a Great Dane who saved her owner and family from Nazi bombs in London, not once but twice during WWII.

Juliana, a Great Dane, leapt into action after the device fell through the roof of her owner’s house in 1941.

It is thought that she put out the flames by standing over the bomb, lifting her leg and emptying her bladder.

Three years later the courageous pet alerted customers to a fire that was ripping through her owner’s shoe shop, earning her another Blue Cross Medal for courage.

Juliana’s story was only revealed when auctioneers carrying out a house clearance at a property in Bristol discovered the second medal plus a portrait of the pet.

A plaque attached to the picture reads: “Juliana – awarded a medal for extinguishing an incendiary bomb April 1941. Awarded another for alerting the occupants of her master’s burning shop November 1944.”