Is This the Worst Car Commercial of All Times?

Over at Autoextremist, Pete DeLorenzo thinks that this new Fiat 500C commercial, which had it broadcast premier during football games this past weekend, is “quite possibly the worst automotive spot of the last decade, hands down.” He calls the ad, which features Jennifer Lopez driving, driving and singing, singing and dancing, “absolutely disastrous”. I’ll go DeLorenzo one step beyond and say that the video is quite possibly the worst automotive spot of all times. I dare you to watch it and not cringe as it makes everyone involved with the ad, Fiat, Chrysler, Lopez, and the people who actually made the commercial, look like idiots.

This trainwreck of an ad and the tie-up with JLo was apparently the brainchild of Chrysler chief Olivier Francois and the first step at rejiggering the 500’s launch. Marketing shop Impatto had been in charge of returning Fiat to American consumers’ consciousness but the agency was fired by Fiat USA in the wake of rumors about a personal relationship between Fiat brand manager Laura Soave and Impatto head Michael D’Antonio.

Note: This post has been corrected to reflected the fact that Impatto was not responsible for the commercial.

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